All About Tabletop Gaming Magnets

All About Tabletop Gaming Magnets

Once upon a time, while game mastering for Pathfinder TTRPG, I decided I was sick and tired of three things. First, none of my players could remember the names their comrades had lovingly crafted for their characters. Second, similarly, they couldn’t remember what the other characters looked like. And third, most aggravating, no one could keep track of the initiative order in combat. Heaven forbid someone delay their turn and mess it all up again, even if it’s tactically reasonable.

So, I made these magnets. Each one has custom character art and the character’s name. They’re easily re-positionable on any magnetic surface (we use a white board so we can write reminders on it about conditions and the like). The round “pointer” magnet is a great way to keep track of whose turn it is.

And what’s more – my players started calling each other by character name during the game. Play is more immersive and in-character than it ever has been.

These magnets are available with custom names and artwork, with generic names such as “Tank,” “Healer,” “Duskblade,” “Tiefling,” or the like, or with a blank name area so you can write your own custom name on the magnet as needed. I’m currently testing ways to make them dry erasable!

I have magnets of multiple genres as well, including:

  • High/Low Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Modern
  • Horror
  • Super Kawaii Anime Weeaboo Mode
  • …and more!

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